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What Female Executives Are Afraid to Admit

We were raised in a man's world, trained to combat or fit into that world and workplace. We were told to work twice as hard, to outsmart them and to do everything that the man can … More

How to Discover Your Purpose

"What is my life for?" "Is this all there is?" "Is my life nothing more than paying the bills and keeping up with the laundry?" "I feel completely stuck in a rut and I am … More

What People Say about Cherie

Perhaps the best way to explain the work I do is not to explain it at all, but to let some of my past clients speak for themselves ... After participating in many different … More

Co-Parenting Without Conflict IS Possible

When people ask what achievement am I most proud of in my life, without hesitation I say the relationship I've created with the father of my children. Our kids are 7 and 9. We … More

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Get Over Yourself and Get On With It

There are people in the world who must deal every day with real threats to their survival. I promise you that mothers living in Baghdad, Kabul or Mogadishu are not worrying about … More

Enjoying the Climb…and the Process

This week we arrived in Spain. For me, Spain is every thing and every way we describe “home.” It is the place I feel most at peace, most nurtured and comforted. It is the … More

Enjoying Tuscany

I'm sitting on the terrace looking out at the impossibly beautiful Tuscan countryside. It seems even silly to be in this inquiry about enjoying life, now that I'm here. It's … More