Cherie DiNoia

Coach, consultant, business owner, mom.

Through my own struggles, triumphs and challenges, I practice a multitude of modalities and wisdom to bring humor, love and light to even the most seemingly tough situations.

I am your champion, the one who stands for your dreams, even when you forget.

I work with people who are yearning to find passion, fulfillment and joy in their life. I have seen too many people become sick, stressed, overwhelmed or just plain dissatisfied with life. Too many people are trudging through their lives with the underlying question, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” They then find themselves engaged in jobs and activities they have no interest in, simply to survive or to meet some imaginary standard.

I am committed to supporting you to evolve your life into the life you are inspired about living.

And I will do this in a unique and empowering way. I have a special relationship with my clients. Many of them say that no one else listens to them the way I do.

When I work with Cherie, she has an incredible way of hearing what I am committed to, what my heart yearns for, when I can’t even articulate it for myself. –Michelle, business owner