Your Brain Is Not Designed To Make You Happy

Your brain is designed to ask three questions—and only three questions:

  • Can I eat it?
  • Can it eat me?
  • Can I have sex with it?

Survive and procreate. That’s it. And the MOST important question your brain is always asking is, “Can it eat me?” Because you can make it a day or two with out eating or having sex, but get eaten and GAME OVER.

That miraculous 3 pound mass lying at the base of your skull can hold over 16 terabytes of information. And it literally stores every piece of information about everything you have experienced.

It uses that information, even stuff you don’t consciously remember, to predict the future and protect you from bad things repeating themselves.

When I was younger I was “bumped” (hit, but not devastatingly) by a white Mercedes taxi cab in Germany. To this day when I see a white Mercedes sedan my body does a little tremor. My brain has a stored memory pattern that concludes: White Taxi = getting hurt. (Luckily the taxis are not white Mercedes where I live!) Is it true that white Mercedes taxi = getting hurt? Of course not, but my automatic brain response needs a little convincing by the logical part of my brain.

We all have our own versions of these “conclusions.”

We see a guy who looks remarkably like the man broke our heart in college and instantly, without any other input, we don’t like him. People don’t love to go to the dentist because their brain already knows it probably won’t be a pleasant experience.

How we see life and what we choose to engage with is always a function of our brain. Our brain tells us do this, but don’t do that. Avoid looking foolish at all costs,. Don’t count on anyone. Remember how your big sister let you down in 3rd grade? It is incessant.

Some of that information can be really useful and we don’t want to get rid of our miraculous protective brain. It is the same brain that keeps you from jumping off a building, just to see if you can fly. The same brain that reminds us it may not be a good idea to drive 30 miles over the speed limit when there is a cop behind you.

However, when you’re interested in creating something extraordinary in our life something that might force you to risk looking foolish or make an outrageous request or do something we’ve never done before, your brain will always try to predict the future based on what it knows and protect us from something bad happening. That usually keeps us small and safe, but will never allow for the extraordinary.

It is imperative that we get our brain working for us and in alignment with our dreams rather than against us.

I work with clients to distinguish what their brain is categorizing as a threat that is keeping them stuck. Most of the time we can’t even see what our brain is protecting us from. Then we create new ways to perceive the necessary actions to fulfill on your dreams as opportunities. In this way we can get your brain on board and use that amazing machine as an asset.

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