What People Say about Cherie

Perhaps the best way to explain the work I do is not to explain it at all, but to let some of my past clients speak for themselves …

After participating in many different courses for transformation and business development, finally, here in Cherie’s course, it all clicked: the space to discover something that I  didn’t see before and the actions to  implement exactly what was needed to move my business forward. This course and Cherie’s coaching are the real deal. –Mara Bjornstad, Certified Lightworker CL28,  marabjornstad.com

Cherie’s coaching is life changing. She is the most genuine coach you will ever meet. When I started working with her, I was closed in, shy, and super fearful. I was afraid of public speaking. I was afraid of failure. I was frustrated and thought living my dream, doing what I really wanted to do, was impossible. I have worked with Cherie for 3 yrs now. Almost every session, I’ve had emotional breakdowns and then miraculous transformations. I’ve conquered my fears and discovered who I really am, what I really stand for and what I want to contribute to this world. I’ve gone from surviving my life in a stressful day job to thriving in my journey to start my own private art therapy practice, show my talents as an artist and find new ventures and dreams to aim. Not only did my professional life get better, but my personal life has also improved dramatically. I cannot thank Cherie enough for showing me what real living was about and true happiness. –Cara Levitt, M.S., Board Certified Art Therapist

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