How to Discover Your Purpose

“What is my life for?”

  • “Is this all there is?”
  • “Is my life nothing more than paying the bills and keeping up with the laundry?”
  • “I feel completely stuck in a rut and I am bored.”

Mid life is the most common time for people to start questioning the existential. However, everyone is on their own journey and their own time frame.

There is a point however, whenever that may be, that people start question asking themselves these questions.

The first place most people tend to look is outside of themselves. They seek meaning in affairs, new cars, a different job, more children, more shoes, etc. After awhile, the shiny-ness of that wears off too and they are back where they started, only usually with a new set of problems.

Buddhist teaching says that the access to happiness is a peaceful mind. To have a peaceful mind one must know what matters to them.

Discovering one’s purpose is a journey of looking within.

Quieting the mind long enough to hear our souls yearning, to acknowledge what really makes us happy, what we are passionate about, what is worth giving our life to.

The next and most critical step is designing your life around your own unique expression and contribution to the world. There is a process of integration and shifting our compass setting within that allows us to create the life of our dreams, right here on earth.

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