Enjoying the Climb…and the Process



This week we arrived in Spain.

For me, Spain is every thing and every way we describe “home.”

It is the place I feel most at peace, most nurtured and comforted.

It is the place where somehow, without logic or understanding, all of the pieces seem to fit together for me.

It is where I feel like I belong.

It was just over a year ago that I was here, and wrote an article about climbing a mountain.

I realized then that I have a tendency to do everything the hard way and vowed to start going more with the “flow” of life.

I walked up that same mountain this morning.

I set out the climb to the top, to do a meditation and write. (I thought it might it be easier to connect to Source if I was geographically closer.)

As I was walking, I was watching my steps. I had to if I wanted to avoid falling and breaking an ankle or my neck.

Every once in a while I stopped to check my progress, to see how much longer I was going to have to huff and puff up the 80 degree incline.

The analogy to my life is painstakingly obvious, but it also points to my inquiry about enjoying life, just the way it is and just the way it isn’t.

I spent more time actually climbing up (and then down) the mountain than I did at the top.

The view was breathtaking and my meditation was delicious but on the climb and descent I got to enjoy the silence of nature, notice the snails, the rosemary and those little flowers that seem to find a way to bloom in the most imaginative places.

No matter what any of us set out to do in life, if we focus too much on the end goal and aren’t present to the process, we miss so much of the juice, of the fascination or the opportunity to play and have fun.

Last year I set out to find a way to “do” my life in an easier way.

I’ve tried a lot of new things, redesigned some old patterns and looked at life through a different lens.

Looking back, each time I was engaged with what I was doing (watching my steps), I learned more from the experience and enjoyed the process.

When I was just trying to get something done, because it was what Molly said I should do or because I felt like I had to, it seemed like work.

It is interesting to come back to a place, a year later, and notice how much I have grown and notice the progress I have made (or not made).

It helps create the perspective of the journey and remind me that not enjoying the process would just be silly.

What about you?

What’s the “mountain” you’re climbing in life, and what have you noticed about the journey?


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  1. Ricardo says

    Where are you accumulating all of this wisdom from ? Maybe it’s just natural for you.
    You’re the best !
    Lots of Love

    • says

      I don’t know if it is “natural” Richard…..but the more I connect to “source” and live from my purpose…the easier life seems to be. Thanks for always being an inspiration to my by the way you live your life. PURA VIDA!

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