Enjoying Tuscany

IMG_8139I’m sitting on the terrace looking out at the impossibly beautiful Tuscan countryside.

It seems even silly to be in this inquiry about enjoying life, now that I’m here.

It’s obvious why this place has been the source of so many books and movies and art.

I somehow feel closer to God. Not just geographically (though it’s true,  the only hill in my town is a bridge) but it is the silence, the vibration, the frequency.

Peace and tranquility are de facto ways of life here.

Stress would be as out of place as seeing a Walmart on the next hill instead of the castle of a princess (really).

While my family slept in,  I got up at the wee hour of 9:30 to go for a run.

I was pumping along to my yoga chant music when all of a sudden my shuffle-play produced Jay-Z singing, “I got 99 problems but a b–ch ain’t one.”

I stopped between hundred-year-old olive trees and laughed a belly laugh.

How can life produce such polar extremes? The song reminded me of gangsters in Brooklyn whilst I stood under the Tuscan Sun.

The truth is humanity hasn’t changed that much in 10,000 years.

I am sure that many, many years ago there was violence and destruction and slavery and gangs here dressed in togas.

Maybe Tuscany has already gone through that phase and realized that it was all so silly and non-sensical that they should just drink wine and eat olives in peace.

Maybe the United States is just so young and we are in a different “life-cycle” of our development.

I have to admit, it is a little harder to just enjoy the beauty while considering the alternative extreme.

It is like eating a feast while watching Sally Struthers show us kids starving in Africa on the television.

But watching my own children choose to play with the dog, dig up clay or monitor the baby pheasants hatching over video games and electronics, makes me happy.

Disconnecting from the hectic pace of normal American life, feels right.

I am wondering why we choose to live with such pressure and anxiety when the people here seem to be doing just fine without it.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Cara Levitt says

    True Dat! Love this one it makes me feel like I’m there with you! Only I’d singing the rap song as we jogged haha

  2. Cookie says


    I know exactly how you feel. Was in Tuscany three weeks ago and fell in love with the beauty and the serenity. A gorgeous place.

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