5 Critical Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make …

Almost everyone I know would love to have the freedom of having their own business.

Yet almost no one knows what they really need to get that business off the ground or why they can’t get it off of the ground even if they’ve been trying for years.

Entrepreneurs are people who long for freedom, the personal fulfillment of creating something, the opportunity to set their own pay scale. Entrepreneurs want to be the authors of their own lives.

No matter what situation you might be in now, if you want to start and run a successful business, you’ll need to avoid the 5 Critical Mistakes I see so many entrepreneurs making:

1. Thinking you need to learn more

What has been stopping you is probably not lack of knowledge. Knowledge is the easy part. What stops human beings are constraints imposed by your brain that limit that limit your capacity to see opportunities objectively and take the necessary action.

2. Avoiding failing

Risk management is a necessary consideration, yet sometimes entrepreneurs get so paralyzed with the unknown that they fail to calculate the risk objectively.

3. Thinking you know your customer

Until you do the work to understand how your own brain works, you won’t be able to effectively get in the proverbial shoes of your clients to be able to communicate in a way that your product or service sells itself.

4. Not accessing the right part of your brain

Our brain in multi-faceted and multi-functional. It isn’t true that we only use 1% of our brain, but it is true that there are parts of our brain that we don’t always allow ourselves access to.

5. Not having a passionate purpose

When you can get to the real “why” of your idea, service or product you can harness and direct your passion in a way that has you become unstoppable.

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