What Female Executives Are Afraid to Admit

We were raised in a man’s world, trained to combat or fit into that world and workplace.

We were told to work twice as hard, to outsmart them and to do everything that the man can do and sometimes we have to do it better just to appear equal.

I’ve done that. Sometimes I get tired. It always seems like a fight against the “system.”

Sometimes I dream about being June Cleaver where all I am responsible for is making a pot roast, vacuuming in my crinoline skirt and perfect makeup, where the kids seem to raise themselves.

Though I know in about 10 minutes I’d be bored. I like using my brain. I like creating and accomplishing projects.

What I don’t like is thinking that to be successful in today’s marketplace, I need to hide my femininity.

We work hard to not portray the way we are stereotyped; too sensitive, not tough enough, not able to handle it, etc.

Women are afraid to admit that we like being feminine, we like being nurturing, we like being able to show our emotions. Many of us are afraid to push on those well established lines. We are afraid that it might personally cost us our job, so we keep that stiff upper lip and keep tolerating the status quo.

This isn’t an inherently female challenge. There are many men who are drawn to a more compassionate approach, yet they fight the same battles within the established norms.

What if we were actually able to harness our innate feminine qualities that in the past have been attributed to our weakness?

If you have read a newspaper or switched on the news lately, you know that things aren’t going so well with this historic model of leadership.

My commitment is to support women in developing their innate feminine strengths to create a new model of leadership. A model of leadership that is inclusive, comprehensive, globally minded with power guided by love and a commitment to a world working for everyone.

That is the new future that so many are craving, dreaming of. Empowering the divine feminine is the answer.

  • Our sensitivity creates empathy and the power of listening.
  • Our nurturing side can create a safe space where creativity and collaboration is possible.
  • Our need for balance could create workplaces that took better care of their employees and produced exponentially better results.

A new global leadership is emerging. There is agreement that peace is possible through listening, trust, respect and compassion. Women are uniquely equipped to rise to this challenge.

It is going to take some unraveling of our well established belief system to use those gifts in a meaningful way. But if we are willing to do the work on ourselves, to relieve the constraints imposed on our thinking, we can create a harmonious world and mentor our younger generation to do the same.

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