Optimize your workplace with a custom 360° Assessment

You may not know what is causing the lackluster performance of your team, but you know something is off … in the same way you know when your car’s engine isn’t operating in peak condition.

Your work environment is like a powerful engine.

If you want to optimize its performance, you wouldn’t just open the hood and start randomly poking your fingers into the moving parts. That’d be silly.

Instead, you’d want a professional mechanic to hook your vehicle up to a sophisticated computer, identify the sub-systems that are causing its less-than-stellar performance, and give you some expert recommendations about what needs to be fixed or tweaked to restore its power, speed, and efficiency.

That is what my 360° Assessment provides for your business or non-profit organization.

Get a professional diagnosis of your performance

In up to 15 hours over the course of 2 weeks, I will conduct in-depth interviews on location with your leadership team, management, and staff. These interviews will reveal the sources of the lack of performance or alignment of your team.

In my experience, simply engaging in the process of the interviews has many of the problems go away. This comes from allowing team members to express whatever there is to express in a safe and confidential environment.

In many cases, simply being “heard” allows people the space to be freed up from the internal dialogue that has been driving their actions, and they are once again able to contribute fully to their work.

After conducting a thorough diagnosis, I will debrief with the leadership team and present actionable strategies and recommendations to produce maximum benefit is the shortest period of time. You will be left with a concrete plan to implement that will provide you with customized solutions.

360° Assessment

  • Up to 15 hours of investigative and diagnostic work, done over a period of two weeks
  • One payment of $3500

If you have an unusual or crisis situation, possibly with just a few employees, I can do this work with a narrowed scope for $275 per hour.