Co-Parenting Work

One of the most challenging aspects in our society today is co-parenting.

People who once loved one another enough to have children together are now fighting, harboring resentments, struggling to get along and to make it all work. Despite your good intentions, it always seems to be a battleground, filled with landmines, traps and challenges …

Co-parenting isn’t just for divorced people.

I use the term “co-parenting” to describe anyone who has a partner, spouse, grandparent or child-care provider who is actively involved in raising your child.

Discovered in the laboratory of my own life and experiences, I have a unique and powerful way to work with parents to create an environment that works for them, their children, and their extended family and support system.

1. I will take first take you through the steps to complete on all of the upsets and challenges that parents have had up to this point.

2. Then we get clear about what you are committed to in providing love and support for the children.

3. Finally, we create a structure within which the commitment you have for your family can be fulfilled in a way that works for everyone.

My commitment is to empower co-parents to create the safe, nurturing and loving environment that all children need and deserve.

I know that all parents want the very best for their children and sometimes parents are only constrained in their expression of that.

Co-Parenting Support Package

  • a 1 hour meeting (via skype or telephone or in person) for each parent separately to create the space for moving forward and discover the underlying commitment that each parent has for their modern family
  • a 1 hour meeting with both parents and their new partners, if applicable. A new future and commitment is created for all parties involved with written structures and agreements to support the fulfillment of that future.
  • After three months, a half-hour check-in phone call or meeting with each parent separately
  • One payment of $597

If you are the only person willing to do the work to create a workable situation for your family, I can provide the above for just one parent at a reduced rate of $397.