Discover Your Purpose and Design Your Life with personal coaching

You’re about to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Do you want to find your passionate purpose? Want to discover how your “reptilian brain” has kept you constrained?

Are you ready to shift from merely wanting to be the author of your own life to actually taking charge of your future?

There are plenty of books and articles and seminars that can tell you how to do the process.

However, if you’ve already done that work, listened to the CDs, drank your green tea and practiced yoga, and you’re still not living the life you dream about, you might want to consider talking with me.

The work I will do to get you “unstuck” is profoundly personal.

It starts with listening. I have 15 years of training in this, and I’ve studied with some of today’s greatest thinkers and teachers. Some of them have written books you’ve probably read … but simply reading the books may not have brought the profound and lasting results you’re looking for.

My unique gift in working with people is my listening.

I have a way of hearing the “you” who wants to achieve extraordinary things. I can also hear the “you” who is scared, stuck, and struggling to get through the day.

Through our conversations, I will work with you to discover what you want to accomplish with this life and then support you in building the “neuronal muscles” to consistently live in alignment with your own path.

I won’t tell you what I think you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life. You already possess that information. It maybe buried in there—sometimes pretty deep—but you already have all of the answers.

My listening and guidance will simply be a key that helps you unlock your treasure.

Discovery Process

Engage in the process of discovering what you really want your life to be about

  • Reflective Questions (detailed intake form)
  • 2 one hour calls, with 7 days in between to complete the exercises in the Discovery Process workbook
  • One payment of $197

Discovery Process: Self-Directed Guidebook

Work through the Discovery Process workbook on your own to explore and create the life you really want.

Life Design Phase

Now that you’ve discovered your “passionate purpose,” begin to design your life in a way that allows you to fulfill that purpose, live passionately and contribute your gifts in a way that can financially sustain you.

  • 1 hour scheduled phone call per week, with additional phone, email and text support as needed.
  • Monthly payments of $950, if paying month-to-month
  • Or save $285 when you pre-pay for 3 months in advance ($2565)
  • Pro-rated refund policy for any unused months